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London MSK Ultrasound Group


Following the success of the past two years, the London Ultrasound Group, returns in November 2011. The course is the first Tuesday of the month (6pm till 9pm) and runs for nine months. It is designed for practitioners working in musculoskeletal or sports medicine and who have regular access to a diagnostic ultrasound machine. Over the nine month period the course will cover all anatomical areas and will significantly improve the participants scanning ability.


Tuesday 1st November     Knee

Tuesday 6th December    Shoulder 1

Tuesday 10th January      Ankle (this is the 2nd Tuesday of the month)

Tuesday 7th February      Elbow

Tuesday 6th March            Wrist/Hand

Tuesday 3rd April               Hip

Tuesday 1st May                Foot

Tuesday 5th June              Shoulder 2

Tuesday 3rd July              Ultrasound Guided Injections


The sessions will consist mainly of supervised practice but will also include live scanning of real patients, case studies and guest speakers. Each participant will be expected to keep a log book of scans and present case studies at points during the course to facilitate learning.




Chris Myers MCSP SRP MSc BSc                         Robert Laus MCSP SRP BSc

ESP and Private Practitioner/Sports Physio.          Sports & Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

PG Cert MSK Sonography                                         Ultrasound Imaging in Sports Medicine                                         

John Leddy MCSP SRP                                               Robert Mast MCSP SRP

MSK Sonographer                                            Extended Scope Physiotherapist

                                                                                 PG Cert MSK Sonography    


Fees: £395 for nine sessions (paid in advance)


Course Location: Physiotherapy Dept, 52b Well Street, Hackney, E9 7PX


For information please call Chris Myers on 07970628643 or chrismyers2000@hotmail.com